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**These Solstice mugs came out of the kiln with a little more "character" than we were looking for. The reason for them being in the "seconds" category is that they are simply wonky, out-of-round, or possibly have a drippy sun design.  They are still solid, microwave and dishwasher safe, and will work well. But when viewing from the top - instead of a circle you'll see a more oval shape or something even wonkier. If you purchase more than one we will do our best to find matches.** Read below for all the other details on the Solstice Mugs:


12 oz. mug that brings a ray of sunshine no matter the weather.


All pottery is handmade and glazed right here. Fired to either Cone 5 or 6.


Handmade is the key word. This means that no two pieces ever turn out the exact same. That's what machines are for! So, the size, shape, design, and colors may not match exactly what you see in the picture. 


If these are in stock we'll ship them right away. If we are out of stock, you are able to pre-order. Our lead time is 4 weeks but often we will have them ready earlier than that.

Solstice Mug (Seconds - Defects)

  • Our pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • I would love to make that for you! If you have a special request - whether that be a shape or size of the mug or a different item altogether, please contact me.

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